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Monday, 04 April 2011 00:00


Alexander Youth Network

Alexander Youth NetworkI love to sing and perform, I put on concerts for my dolls in my room all the time. My mom’s friend invited us to go see her daughter at the Alexander’s Got Talent event. I could not wait. When we arrived grandma got me popcorn from a popcorn machine and we walked down the red carpet like a real movie star.

Once the show started I saw many kids sing, dance and even play piano. They even had judges like on American Idol. Our friend sang my favorite song, “The Climb,” she did an awesome job. We clapped and cheered for her when she finished. The judges told her she was inspirational. She was so excited. I definitely want to be just like her when I get older.



Alexander Youth Network (AYN) is one of NC leading providers of children’s behavioral healthcare. AYN offer a comprehensive array of treatment options for children with serious emotional and behavioral difficulties. AYN treats 3700 children every year.

Shining Starts

Alexander Youth Network hosted its Shining Stars 5th Annual Self-Esteem Talent Event. This year 16 act performed. This event gives clients at AYN a great opportunity to shine. Three judges provide the children positive encouragement after each act.

Top Three Ways to Make a Difference with AYN

Alexander Youth Network seeks to make a positive difference in the lives of the trouble children in North Carolina. But cannot do it alone. We depend on volunteers and donations.

Volunteers - Volunteer individually or with a group. As a volunteer, you can provide friendship to a child, invest your talents as a leader or support us behind the scenes. Opportunities are available daytime, evenings and weekends. Volunteer opportunities include:Alexander Youth Network

  • Mentors
  • Tutors
  • Lunch or Dinner Buddy
  • Recreation Volunteer
  • Volunteer groups

Donations - A full 87% of every dollar AYN receives goes directly to provide services for children and their families. All contributions are tax deductible. Your generosity, combined with that of others who share your concern for children, enables AYN to provide the highest level of professional behavioral healthcare available in our state.

Foster Families - Alexander Youth Network licenses and manages over 100 foster care homes as part of its extensive array of children's mental health services. The agency manages several different foster care programs, including Therapeutic Homes, Intensive Therapeutic Foster Care, Multidimensional Therapeutic Foster Care, and Rapid Response Crisis Homes.

Alexander recruits stable adults over 21 to serve as foster parents and provides them with a generous monthly stipend based on the needs of the child. The agency looks for parents from a large multi-county area throughout the Piedmont and Foothills area of North Carolina. The agency provides training and handles licensing by the State of North Carolina.