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Friday, 22 July 2011 00:00

I had the pleasure of meeting Christine during research for a blog on the Smart Start Health Families Program. A few years ago Christine was just like a lot of us, she had a great job and lived in a beautiful house. After her divorce she walked away from her life and during a hard time she found herself homeless.

Christine fought to stabilize her life; and she is completely motivated by her daughter and her desire to be a great mother.

Although Christine is employed and has a place to live, life is not easy. Christine has agreed to guest blog periodically to share her experiences of what everyday life can be for a single mother in Charlotte with additional obstacles in her life. Christine showed me her stroller, her and Emily’s mode of transportation.

To introduce herself Christine has shared her speech she gave at her graduation from the Smart Start Healthy Families program.



Teaching by My Example

By Christine

Smart  Start Healthy FamilyWe all have goals and things we want to do in our lifetime, only those who put one foot forward and work towards their goals will achieve them. Our children need to see our accomplishments, and to know our goals. We need to plant these seeds for our children so they achieve their own goals and accomplishments.

No mater how great or small of a goal I set for myself, I know that there is nothing I can’t achieve if I really want it. Those who say, “I can’t,” achieve less then those who say “I must.”

I have achieved many great things in my life, and the most rewarding achievement of my lifetime is being a good role model for my daughter Emily. Being a positive role model is very important to me. I had very few positive people in my earlier years. Life for me as a child was a constant struggle for survival, but I lived through it, and learned from it.

I want to give my daughter the childhood I never received. Everyday I play with her, I teach her, I talk to her, I hold her and I show her love. When people say your spoiling her, I say I’m molding her. I don’t want pain and negativity to be one of the things my daughter has to survive in her life. She will have many things growing up that she will have to overcome, but a bad childhood will not be one of them. I say let our children be children as long as they can.

Our children learn from our examples. I want to teach her patience, honesty, integrity, and courage though my own examples. So far Emily is a very happy, smiling, joyful 1 year old. I know that one day soon she will turn into a toddler and test her limits on me, but patience and love is what she will get in return.

As a first time mom I do not have all answers. When I first found out that I was pregnant it was a shock to me. I had never been pregnant before, and I was at a very low point in my life. Not only was I unemployed and homeless, I was very depressed. I was afraid that if I did not seek help that my baby might be taken from me. I have always been strong willed, independent and a very stubborn person who needed no one. Those are the traits I learned from my childhood. But at this time in my life I was lost to the world and I needed to find my way back. I did not want my baby coming into this world while I was torn. I reached out to my closest friends Carole and Dina for help and advice. Together we came up with a game plan to help me rebuild my life.

Another important thing I did was enroll in Smart Start Healthy Families. At first I underestimated how much help I would need in bringing my child into this world. My case manager T has been a big help and great mentor to me. She helped me set realistic goal’s, lay the grown work for overcoming my homelessness and unemployment. She was a wealth of knowledge on community services that I could turn to for help.

She kept me focused and helped me stay on target. Though the Smart Start Program I received the education I needed on how to care for my pregnant body and mind and How to care for my unborn child.

When Emily came 5 weeks early, I was not finished with my plan. T was there to help me scramble to get all the pieces put in place. She helped me find emergency housing until my permanent plan took place a few weeks later.

I have been able to give my daughter a wonderful first start to her life because of all the help and guidance I have received from T and the Smart Start program. I learned how to teach and developed her for each month of her life, how to keep her safe, and healthy. I also, learned how important it was to have healthy relationships with the people in my life.

I now have the happy family I always wanted.

Life is good for us now, and I could not have achieved as much as I did with out all the help and support that I have received from so many people. I have learned valuable lessons; allow others to help, let people into my life and trust. My daughter will grow up knowing we have friends and family who love us very much. That is truly the gift of life.


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